FRC First Aid course

How do I recognize a certified Finnish Red Cross First Aid course?

The Red cross First Aid has made significant efforts towards developing the contents and materials of its First Aid courses during the past few years. our First Aid courses are protected by copyright and multiple trademarks. First Aid education is arranged by many different organizers, who use different contents in their first aid courses and are named usually in a similar way to the official Finnish Red Cross First Aid courses. To bring clarity to this subject we have compiled some guidelines, which will help recognize a FRC First Aid course. 


  • The Red Cross First Aid or FRC titles and trademarks are used only to market and sell First Aid courses in accordance to the Red Cross Fist Aid Educational Programs  
  • Trademarks owned by the Red Cross First Aid are available to use for the organizations that have a partnership agreement with the Red Cross First Aid. 
  • The trademarks are used only in the format as they have been introduced to our partner organizations. Trademarks without the FRC prefix such as EA 1®, EA 2®, EA 3®, and FHJ 1® ja FHJ 2® are protected trademarks owned by the Red Cross First Aid. When marketing the certified First Aid courses, the titles are presented with the prefixes (see list below).  


  • Also notice the space between the number and the hour amount of the course and the place of the registration mark. The course titles are not to be formatted or shortened in any other way. (for example HEA, Hätäri etc.) but the text coming after the trademark can be modified to fit the context.  


The Red Cross’s trademark protected First Aid Course titles 



 SPR Hätäensiapukurssi 4 t®  

SPR Hätäensiapukurssi 8 t®  
SPR Ensiapukurssi EA 1®  
SPR Ensiapukurssi EA 2® 



 FRK Livräddande Första Hjälpen 4 t® 

FRK Livräddande Första Hjälpen 8 t® 
FRK Första Hjälpen FHJ 1®  
FRK Första Hjälpen FHJ 2®  



 FRC Emergency First Aid 4 h® 

FRC Emergency First Aid 8 h® 
FRC First Aid Course EA 1® 
FRC First Aid Course EA 2®