Online training makes the first aid course accessible to everyone

Online training

Take the first step towards first aid training or revise your first aid skills by completing the first aid online training.

Time for work. Time for life.

Certified SPR Emergency First Aid Course 4 hours, online training in accordance with Red Cross training programs is conducted entirely online.

The purpose of the SPR Emergency First Aid Course 4 hours, online training is to give courage and readiness to act in an emergency, ie. in accidents and illnesses. The course is entry-level first aid training that significantly increases the accessibility of first aid training.

Online training takes place on a mobile device or computer, regardless of time and place. You can pause online training at any time and resume from the same point later.

Please note that the SPR Emergency First Aid Course 4t hours online training is not suitable for repeating longer trainings (such as First Aid Course EA1® and First Aid Course EA2®), as repetition requires practical exercises.

The course is started from the “start” button on the right side of this page. To get started, you'll need a code from Red Cross Certified Online Training Partners.

The Red Cross's teaching materials are based on the international first aid guidelines, the Current Care Recommendation and the national Resuscitation Guidelines, and thus offer the opportunity to maintain first aid skills.

Name Order
Suomen Ensiapukoulutus Oy Order
Punainen Risti Ensiapu Order
Uudenmaan Turvallisuuskortti­koulutus Oy Order
Ensiapukoulutus Eetu Honkanen Order
Auts-Tuote Oy Order
Suomen Ensiaputalo Order
Saimaan ensiapukoulutus ky
Koulutuspalvelu Smart & Safety Oy Order
Musiikkiterapia- ja koulutuspalvelut Sirkka-Liisa Immonen
Punainen Risti Tampereen osasto Order
Suomen Akuuttipalvelut Oy Order
Axxell Utbildning Ab Order
Karitan Optiikka/Ensiapukoulutus
HSM Turvallisuuspalvelut Oy Order
Medego Order
Ensiapukoulutus Markus Kantola Order
EnsiMedi Order
Kontiosafe Order
SPR Lahden alueen osasto Order

You can start the online training by submitting the code you received from your training organization.


After completing the approved online training portion, you will receive a certificate in your email.